Taya Valkyrie Defeats Jade Cargill Post-AEW Suspension


Taya Valkyrie Defeats Jade Cargill Post-AEW Suspension
Taya Valkyrie Defeats Jade Cargill Post-AEW Suspension

The wrestling-world is set to be electrified with AEW's forthcoming pay-per-view (PPV) event, Double or Nothing, which is slated to take place on Sunday, May 28, in the bustling city of Las Vegas, Nevada. During the exciting episode of Rampage that aired on May 19, several intriguing matches were officially added to the card, promising an adrenaline-filled event for fans.

Jade Cargill-Taya Valkyrie Showdown: Title Rematch

The thrilling encounter between TBS Champion Jade Cargill and Taya Valkyrie is a standout amongst the additions. The dominant Cargill demonstrated her prowess by decisively defeating two more contenders in back-to-back open challenge matches during Rampage, extending her impressive undefeated record to 59-0.

Cargill set her sights on the remarkable 60-0 mark, but her aspirations were abruptly halted. Fresh from suspension, Taya Valkyrie took center stage to deliver a powerful message. Using her signature move, Road to Valhalla, Valkyrie laid out Cargill and confirmed their eagerly anticipated title rematch at the upcoming PPV.

In another high-profile match, Adam Cole, who earlier interfered in Chris Jericho's match on Dynamite, has been challenged to an unsanctioned bout at the PPV.

Jericho made this challenge in retaliation, ripping apart a legal document that prevented Cole from setting foot in the same building as him. The action escalated quickly as now unrestricted Cole stormed into the building, setting off a wild, uncontrollable brawl with Jericho, the Demo God.

The event will also feature a gripping trio match with The Hardys and Brother Zay on one side, who Ethan Page and The Gunns unexpectedly attacked.

In the aftermath of the brutal ambush, Zay's throat was Pillmanized, with a defiant Ethan Page stating that Zay would never be able to moan again. Despite the odds stacked against them, if Matt's team emerges victorious at Double or Nothing, he will gain control over Ethan Page's contract.

The forthcoming PPV promises an explosive mix of matches, with storylines brimming with suspense, intensity, and high-octane wrestling action. The AEW universe awaits in anticipation as rivalries and personal scores are set to be settled in the ring.

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