AEW Collision to Nod to WCW Monday Nitro Aspects


AEW Collision to Nod to WCW Monday Nitro Aspects
AEW Collision to Nod to WCW Monday Nitro Aspects

AEW (All Elite Wrestling) created waves in the professional wrestling world last Wednesday with their latest major announcement: the introduction of "AEW Collision", the company's newest weekly program. Set to broadcast every Saturday night on TNT, "AEW Collision" has already attracted significant attention, with speculation and reports stirring the wrestling community.

Interestingly, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the program will have a unique aesthetic angle, paying homage to the classic wrestling show, "WCW Monday Nitro". This move, while surprising to some, was predicted by keen-eyed fans.

The provisional logo for "AEW Collision" borrows significantly from the iconic logo used by WCW for "Nitro" from 1995 to 1998. This clear nod to the past has led many to anticipate further tributes to WCW's premier show when "AEW Collision" makes its debut on June 17.

However, specific aesthetic features from "Nitro" that will be honored in "Collision" remain a tantalizing mystery.

WCW's 'Nitro': A Historic Rivalry

WCW's "Nitro" was introduced in 1995 and quickly became the company's flagship weekly program.

Its fierce competition with WWE's "Raw" during prime time made for a fascinating battle for viewership supremacy in professional wrestling. "Nitro" persisted until March 2001 when WCW was purchased by WWE, marking the end of the road for the company and its programming.

AEW's decision to draw inspiration from "Nitro" is a notable development. It not only introduces nostalgia into the mix but also continues to affirm AEW's commitment to respecting the legacy of professional wrestling while pushing boundaries and redefining standards in the sport.

With "AEW Collision," fans could be about to witness a revival of elements that once made "Nitro" a beloved phenomenon in the wrestling world.


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