Eric Bischoff, Flattered by Collision Logo, Confirms His AEW Stance


Eric Bischoff, Flattered by Collision Logo, Confirms His AEW Stance
Eric Bischoff, Flattered by Collision Logo, Confirms His AEW Stance

Warner Bros. Discovery unveiled their new wrestling series, "AEW Collision," at their Upfronts presentation earlier this week. This novel show, set to hit TNT screens on Saturday nights from June 17, garnered attention not only for its fresh lineup but also for the uncanny resemblance its logo bore to the 1990s' "WCW Monday Nitro." This noteworthy resemblance has stimulated an intriguing dialogue among wrestling aficionados, including former WCW executive Eric Bischoff.

Known for his frank and assertive stance, Bischoff shared his views on the "Collision" branding in the latest episode of his podcast, "Strictly Business."

Eric Bischoff's Views on AEW Logo

An unabashed Bischoff suggested the 'allusion' to the WCW logo was more of a 'rip-off,' albeit in a facetious manner.

Despite his harsh words, he confessed that the familiar logo brought a smile to his face, recognizing the imitation as a form of sincere flattery. However, the former "WWE Raw" General Manager couldn't resist mentioning that the logo's striking similarity only served to confirm his ongoing criticisms of AEW.

In Bischoff's view, AEW struggles to carve out a unique niche for itself in the wrestling world, as compared to WWE. He opined, "AEW lacks a creative strategy that sets it apart from WWE. They might showcase more blood, but that's a thin distinction...To truly evolve the product, a vision is needed, that clearly defines what sets them apart.

This includes differences in format, the way the show is shot, promos are handled, stories are narrated, and production values. However, I just don't see it." Despite his co-host's disagreement, Bischoff stood by his argument, suggesting his career in WCW would've been short-lived if he had presented storylines, in-ring skills, or promos similar to those of AEW.

With Bischoff's sharp critique of AEW, it remains to be seen how the upcoming "AEW Collision" series will fare and whether it will manage to address some of the concerns raised by critics like Bischoff.

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