Jon Moxley's Unforgettable Match: A F**king Masterpiece in 2022

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Jon Moxley's Unforgettable Match: A F**king Masterpiece in 2022
Jon Moxley's Unforgettable Match: A F**king Masterpiece in 2022

Jon Moxley, renowned professional wrestler, has recently shared his perspective on a sensational match he participated in during 2022 under the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) banner. Despite his decision not to revisit it, Moxley believes the encounter was an immaculate display of wrestling prowess.

Taking place at the AEW-NJPW Forbidden Door pay-per-view event in June 2022, the much-anticipated main event saw Jon Moxley square off against Hiroshi Tanahashi, a legendary figure from New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW). The stakes were high as they competed for the Interim AEW World Championship, adding an extra layer of significance to an already monumental clash.

For Moxley, this dream match held immense personal value, given his prior accomplishments as both a WWE and AEW World Champion. His opponent, Tanahashi, brought his own impressive pedigree, having achieved the prestigious IWGP Heavyweight Championship eight times and garnering immense respect as one of Japan's most celebrated wrestlers.

The encounter at the Forbidden Door concluded with Moxley emerging victorious, executing his signature Death Rider maneuver after an intense battle lasting approximately 18 minutes. Since then, Moxley has gone on to capture the AEW World Championship for the third time and remains prominently featured on television, associated with the influential Blackpool Combat Club faction.

Moxley's Candid Reflection: A Match for the Ages

During an interview with Sports Illustrated, Jon Moxley offered his thoughts on the memorable match against Tanahashi, using some colorful language to emphasize his sentiment.

"I've never watched it, and I never will. It's one of those things that was so perfect in the moment," Moxley conveyed, indicating the profound impact the match had on him. He also shed light on the numerous hurdles faced in arranging the encounter, revealing, "I was supposed to wrestle Tanahashi many times, and it kept getting messed up for one reason or another.

The relationship between NJPW and AEW wasn't necessarily the best before, and I was caught in the middle of that. Then, a couple of years later, we're doing a pay-per-view together, I'm in the main event, and it's against Tanahashi, which was the last big dream I wanted." Moxley acknowledged the collaborative effort that made the match possible, but he credited himself as the pivotal force behind its realization, stating, "There were a lot of people who did a lot to bring that together, but I feel like I was the linchpin of the whole thing." Describing the experience as nothing short of magical, Moxley emphasized the match's flawless execution, remarking, "The match was so perfect.

It was exactly how I envisioned it. I was in such a zone. Every single second played out exactly as I had imagined. If I ever watch it back, I'll undoubtedly nitpick because I'm my own worst critic. Hence, I choose not to. It was perfect." Currently, Jon Moxley is set to participate in the upcoming NJPW Resurgence event in Long Beach, California, this Sunday.

Additionally, fans can anticipate his involvement in NJPW Dominion on June 4th, as he continues to captivate audiences with his unparalleled in-ring abilities.

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