AEW Prepares Alternative for Collision Launch


AEW Prepares Alternative for Collision Launch
AEW Prepares Alternative for Collision Launch

In the world of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), the status of celebrated wrestler CM Punk remains a topic of contention. Originally slated to be the headline act for AEW's upcoming debut of "Collision," Punk's presence is currently in flux, leading the wrestling promotion to devise a contingency plan.

"Collision" is all set to debut on June 17th, but uncertainty over Punk's participation has kept the event's venue a secret. The former AEW World Champion was expected to grace the new Saturday night show as its main draw.

However, recent complications have arisen due to Punk's disagreement with the company over the dismissal of former producer Ace Steel, the sole casualty of a backstage squabble during the All Out event.

AEW Considers Event Alternatives

The Chicago-born wrestling superstar is a fan favorite, and his absence from the ring in his home city would certainly leave fans disheartened.

Recognizing this, AEW has been actively exploring alternatives when it comes to event locations. Veteran wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer highlighted AEW's tentative plan to shift the debut edition of "Collision" to Daily’s Place in Jacksonville.

This alternative strategy has been adopted despite the fact that United Center in Chicago has been reserved for the same date. Meltzer reported, "AEW has reached out to Daily's Place as a potential substitute venue for 'Collision's' debut on June 17.

This isn't an official modification yet, but it's clear that the CM Punk situation has to be resolved by Wednesday. If Punk doesn't agree to appear, AEW won't proceed with the United Center event." Those involved in the proposed event were informed recently about the possibility of this change, and a final decision is anticipated within the coming week.

Meltzer further conveyed a shared sentiment in the wrestling community, "The United Center isn't the right venue for 'Collision's' debut unless Punk is involved. Fans would be expecting him and disappointed if he doesn't show, regardless of advertisements.

Also, without the fans’ belief in his presence, I doubt AEW could sell enough tickets at such short notice to make it worth their while, especially since they have another show planned at the Wintrust Arena just a few days later."