Dustin Rhodes Marks 15-Year Sobriety Milestone in AEW


Dustin Rhodes Marks 15-Year Sobriety Milestone in AEW
Dustin Rhodes Marks 15-Year Sobriety Milestone in AEW

Dedicated and resilient, AEW's Dustin Rhodes is marking a significant personal milestone. Having candidly admitted to a struggle with addiction to drugs and alcohol in a 2013 interview with Wrestling Inc., the famed wrestler has since been on a challenging journey of sobriety.

Celebrating his 15th sobriety anniversary on May 19, 2023, the occasion speaks volumes of Rhodes' fortitude and determination, mirroring the fighting spirit he displays in the ring. Rhodes' journey to sobriety began with a crucial helping hand from his father, Dusty Rhodes, a WWE Hall of Famer known as "The American Dream".

It was Dusty who provided the initial support for Rhodes, enabling him to join a rehabilitation program funded by WWE. This key step on the road to recovery embodies a poignant piece of wisdom Dusty imparted to his son, a mantra that Rhodes carries with him to this day: "Keep stepping."

Dustin Rhodes Celebrates Sobriety Milestone

Rhodes took to Twitter to express his heartfelt pride and gratitude for this 15-year milestone.

He wrote, "Today is 15 yrs clean and sober from drugs and alcohol. It was a difficult journey for me, but when we work our programs diligently, the magic starts to happen. I thank God for this second chance and a new lease on life." His message was not just a statement of personal triumph, but also a note of encouragement to others battling their demons.

Rhodes is clear on his stance towards his former vices: he chooses to "not turn around and take a walk with the devil," emphasizing his commitment to his sobriety journey. Exiting rehab brought uncertainties, particularly concerning his future in the wrestling business.

Yet, with the same hard work and determination he applied to his recovery, alongside unwavering support from his family, Rhodes navigated his way back to the ring. Fifteen years on, he's not only a living testament to a successful fight against addiction but also serves as one of AEW's top coaches, occasionally stepping back into the ring himself.

Although Rhodes hinted at the possibility of retirement in 2023, recent remarks from the 54-year-old icon suggest he might not be ready to hang up his boots just yet. Despite the struggles and hardships, Rhodes continues to 'keep stepping,' upholding his father's wisdom and remaining an inspirational figure in the world of wrestling.

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