AEW Star Plans Movie Debut with Character


AEW Star Plans Movie Debut with Character
AEW Star Plans Movie Debut with Character

Renowned All Elite Wrestling (AEW) star, Chris Jericho, has a dynamic vision for one of his wrestling characters, aiming to transition it to the silver screen. With over three decades of professional wrestling experience under his belt, Jericho has always shown a knack for character development, evolving his persona to keep fans engrossed.

Jericho has worn many hats throughout his illustrious career, from his days as a conspiracy victim in World Championship Wrestling (WCW), to various iterations in WWE such as Y2J, the sophisticated yet abrasive personality who had no qualms about berating fans, or the character popularly known for carrying "The List".

No matter the role, Jericho's aptitude for transformation remains a highlight of his career.

Jericho's Evolving Personas in AEW

His tenure with AEW, spanning over four years, has been no exception to this trend. As the charismatic spearhead of the Inner Circle, or more recently as the instigator of the Jericho Appreciation Society, his penchant for character reinvention continues to shine.

Yet, it is his character known as the Painmaker, a persona he established during his stint with New Japan Pro Wrestling, which has become his latest passion project. Adorned in a spiked leather jacket and distinctive black face paint, the Painmaker represents a dark, menacing persona, a departure from Jericho's other characters.

In a recent conversation on The Rick & Cutter Show, Jericho expressed his ambitions for the Painmaker. "I recently released a comic book featuring the Painmaker, a wrestling persona that I have adapted into a comic book character," Jericho stated.

"My ultimate goal is to produce a Painmaker movie. I think we've had enough of Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man movies. It's time for a new superhero, hence my creation of the Painmaker. 'Am I ready to produce a movie?' Absolutely.

And why not?" Jericho is adamant about turning his vision into reality, driven by unwavering confidence. He stated, "If you truly believe in something and want to see it through, then do it. Don't make excuses as to why it can't be done.

Instead, figure out how you can make it work, and then set about doing it." It's this relentless determination and creativity that defines Jericho, both in the wrestling ring and beyond.

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