Duggan on Promos, AEW and Change

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Duggan on Promos, AEW and Change

Jim Duggan is known as Hacksaw and he has spent nearly 40 years in the pro-wrestling business. He has seen almost everything that there is in the world of sports entertainment. We live in an age where All Elite Wrestling can take over the wrestling industry.

Duggan spoke about AEW on the WINCLY podcast by saying: "Anytime there's another place to work, that's great for the talent," stated Duggan. "If you have no negotiation skill, there's no place to go and there's only one place in town, then you've got to play that game."

He also praised Cody for following his father’s footsteps and running AEW: "It wasn't a stretch for Cody to start promoting. Dusty was running Florida Championship Wrestling back in the day. I think Cody's got it in his genes."

Wrestling has changed over the past 40 years. Duggan came at a time where old school catch as catch can moves would receive cheers and wrestling was much more like catch wrestling. "It's changed a whole bunch. Back in the territory days where you were doing high school gyms, you could work the headlock for 20 minutes.

Now they'll run you out of the building if you're in a headlock for five seconds," said Duggan. "The kids now tend to be more high flyers than brawlers. They are also more professional and probably more athletic.

But I think my generation of guys were more original. Ric Flair is Ric Flair. Bret Hart is Bret Hart – he's not a conglomeration of a bunch of different characters."