Eric Bischoff: AEW Repeating WCW's Mistakes


Eric Bischoff: AEW Repeating WCW's Mistakes

Eric Bischoff, a legendary figure in the wrestling world, has emerged as a prophetic voice for All Elite Wrestling (AEW), often dispensing candid advice. On a recent episode of his "83 Weeks" podcast, Bischoff confessed to seeing history repeating itself at AEW.

"Tony Khan said at the outset of AEW, 'I'm not going to commit the same blunders that WCW did,'" recalled Bischoff. "Now, I won't enumerate the numerous missteps Tony has already taken, many of which echo my past errors. It's evident he's retracing some old steps."

Eric Bischoff Critiques AEW's 'Collision

Bischoff pinpoints AEW's decision to proceed with "Collision" on Saturday nights as a fundamental flaw, paralleling the one he committed while leading WCW.

"If I were Tony, considering the long-term health of my brand," Bischoff posited, "I would do everything in my power to dissuade Turner from pushing that Saturday night show on me. If Tony is willingly stepping up for another show, I would question his decision-making.

He doesn't possess the necessary resources." Bischoff alluded to the "clown car competition" enveloping CM Punk's rumored comeback, signifying another potential misstep. Reflecting on his WCW days, Bischoff lamented the addition of "WCW Thunder" to the weekly roster, despite the company's strong position at the time.

"Even when we were on a roll, outperforming WWE in ratings, 'Thunder' became a millstone," Bischoff confessed, dubbing it the "prologue to WCW's downfall." "Having experienced that debacle, I hoped Tony wouldn't repeat the error," admitted Bischoff.

"However, here we stand." He pointed out that when he joined WCW, the company was already churning out several syndicated shows. Contrary to his efforts to trim programming, Khan opts for expansion, a strategy Bischoff views skeptically.

"Tony needs to establish AEW's growth trajectory and foster a demand for additional programming among its expanding audience," Bischoff advised. "I'm not certain he has cultivated such a demand."

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