Charly Arnolt Discloses AEW Contract Possibility with Tony Khan

Charly Arnolt might return to wrestling with AEW involvement.

by Atia Mukhtar
Charly Arnolt Discloses AEW Contract Possibility with Tony Khan

Charly Arnolt, formerly known as WWE announcer Charly Caruso, recently stirred discussions with her departure from ESPN to OutKick. In an intriguing conversation with Jim Varsallone, Arnolt candidly discussed her association with AEW President Tony Khan and her journey to WWE, which began with a backstage visit with Khan several years ago.

Arnolt gratefully acknowledged the significant opportunities working for WWE has availed her in her career.

Charly Arnolt's Possible AEW Future

Arnolt's career saw her juggling responsibilities for ESPN and WWE since 2018.

However, in 2021 she chose to dedicate her focus exclusively to ESPN, leaving WWE. Interestingly, this does not indicate an end to her future involvement in wrestling promotions. Arnolt hinted that Tony Khan has subtly kept the prospects for a potential collaboration with AEW open.

"I believe Tony has always subtly kept the AEW door ajar," Arnolt stated. "While I was with ESPN, they were not particularly enthusiastic about me exploring external opportunities. So potentially now, given my change in situation.

Moreover, Endeavor, which owns UFC—a company I'm presently working with—also holds ownership over WWE. Given this, I wouldn't be surprised if we witness some form of crossover with another wrestling company in the future.

Who's to predict, right?" Following Charly Arnolt's significant move to OutKick, AEW President Tony Khan was among those who noticed. Intrigued by Arnolt's forthcoming venture, Khan reached out to her, expressing his interest in appearing as a guest on her new show, which is set to make its debut this coming fall.

Arnolt spoke highly of Khan, describing him as a "very close friend" and a person she deeply admires, underlining the profound and enduring bond they share.

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