Jennifer Decker on WWE and AEW Contrast

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Jennifer Decker on WWE and AEW Contrast

All Elite Wrestling is still pretty much a start-up and they wish to “change the universe” according to Chris Jericho. They are backed by billionaire, Shahid Khan so money will not be a problem for them. AEW has to complete with the WWE if they wish to see themselves on top of the wrestling industry.

WWE has been on top of the wrestling industry for a really long time. That is why, AEW is signing all of the best wrestlers of the world to go head to heat with the WWE. Jennifer Decker is a former model who will be hosting the AEW Double or Nothing weigh-in and the press conference that will follow it.

She said that AEW is trying to run AEW as a sport promotion rather than a sports entertainment promotion. "I think so. They are creating something that hasn't had a template before… They are completely reinventing professional wrestling as we know it," stated Decker.

"You don't bring on people like Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho and create something ordinary. The Young Bucks, Cody – they have all built something from nothing as far as Being the Elite and the road to Double or Nothing and The Nightmare Family.

These are all things they have built bare bones and that's something they can be really proud of and is something this company is gonna stand for."