AEW & CM Punk Sign NDAs after Event Mishap


AEW & CM Punk Sign NDAs after Event Mishap

In the escalating saga between All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and wrestling legend CM Punk, a resolution appears to have been achieved, as divulged by AEW's owner, Tony Khan. However, the curtain of secrecy surrounding the specific details of the issue remains intact, leaving wrestling fans in a state of eager anticipation.

During a much-anticipated segment on AEW's Dynamite, which took place in Las Vegas, Tony Khan brought much-needed clarity to the rampant speculations. He unveiled the premier edition of Collision, slated to occur in the bustling metropolis of Chicago, Illinois, on June 17th.

This announcement almost undeniably heralds the much-awaited comeback of CM Punk to AEW, despite the surprising obstacle that nearly derailed the information on May 17th. This unexpected stumbling block reportedly centered on Ace Steel's organizational role.

Steel is recognized as the sole individual dismissed following a notorious backstage brawl at the All Out event. There were disagreements between Punk, who desired Steel's presence at live shows, and AEW management, who preferred Steel to function remotely and stay away from on-site venues.

NDAs Part of CM Punk-AEW Resolution While discussing the situation on Wrestling Observer Radio, wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer alluded to non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) being part of the resolution between Punk and AEW.

He also hinted that the predicament surrounding Steel's presence at the shows had settled. He stated, "There were a couple of things done. There was some legal stuff that was taken care of. There were NDAs involved in this. I think the key stuff is AEW was protected as far as him showing up for all the dates." Meltzer clarified that Ace Steel would be working remotely and not physically present at the upcoming Collision events.

Whether CM Punk's official return to AEW will be declared before June 17th is a point of conjecture. Regardless, the debut episode of Collision, boasting the potential appearance of the returning former AEW World Champion, promises to be a must-watch spectacle for wrestling fans worldwide.

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