Tony Khan Discusses Potential AEW Dynamite & Collision Brand Split


Tony Khan Discusses Potential AEW Dynamite & Collision Brand Split

In the wake of All Elite Wrestling's official announcement last week, there's been a considerable buzz regarding the forthcoming AEW Collision. Set to debut as a two-hour live show on Saturday nights; the program will kick off with an episode on June 17 at the United Center in Chicago.

The speculation stirring the wrestling world is that, unlike its sibling show, AEW Rampage, Collision may instigate a decisive brand split in the roster between itself and AEW Dynamite's Wednesday night presentations. However, there is no consensus on this division's degree or the champions' status within it.

Tony Khan Response to Brand Split Speculation

Tony Khan, the wrestling impresario behind AEW, was posed with these inquiries at the onset of Thursday's Double or Nothing media conference call. However, Khan cleverly sidestepped the speculation, stating that he had deliberately kept these details under wraps to fuel the curiosity and suspense that surrounds the upcoming show.

He affirmed that a comprehensive discourse on this subject would follow Sunday's Double or Nothing pay-per-view event. "I'm fully aware of the curiosity amongst the wrestling fans worldwide regarding my plans for the roster and how we'll divide talent between Dynamite, Collision, and our other shows," Khan said.

"This suspense we've ignited isn't coincidental but rather strategic. We aim to pique interest by letting fans speculate on the future of the AEW roster and what it could mean following Double or Nothing. I appreciate the question, and we're thrilled to address it shortly." Darby Allin, set to headline this weekend's Double or Nothing main event, revealed in a recent interview with ComicBook that even he remains in the dark about the speculated split.

As fans, Will AEW enforce a brand split within the next month? What could be the modus operandi for such enforcement? And should champions have the flexibility to interchange between shows? We welcome your thoughts and theories on these questions in the comments section. Stay tuned for our comprehensive coverage of Double or Nothing happening this weekend.

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