Justin Credible: Bryan Danielson's AEW Booking Has Been Terrible

Credible's insights highlight concerns over AEW's locker room dynamics.

by Atia Mukhtar
Justin Credible: Bryan Danielson's AEW Booking Has Been Terrible

Former ECW and WWE star, Justin Credible, has expressed his disappointment with how All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has handled the booking of Bryan Danielson, asserting that the company has not maximized his potential since his arrival.

During a recent appearance on the "Hitting The Turnbuckle" podcast, Credible, who is well-acquainted with Danielson, they highlighted the wrestling sensation's immense stardom just a few years ago, emphasizing that AEW's booking decisions have been subpar.

"I know Bryan Danielson very well. He was one of the biggest stars on the planet just a couple of years ago, and they've done a horrible job with him," Credible lamented.

Missed Opportunities: Lack of Camaraderie Hinders AEW's Rising Stars

Credible believes that AEW's promising young talents could immensely benefit from the wisdom and experience of revered veterans like Danielson.

He expressed his surprise at the apparent lack of camaraderie among the locker room members and speculated on potential reasons for this disconnection. "I just can't fathom not having Bryan [Danielson] pick these guys' brains in some way.

I imagine everybody would have come together a lot easier," Credible explained. "I think there's so much ego involved, and it blows my mind because ECW, the way it worked was there was no ego." According to Credible, he has heard through industry gossip that specific younger talents within AEW harbor selfish attitudes, displaying an unwillingness to collaborate with seasoned veterans such as Dean Malenko and Jerry Lynn, who both serve as backstage producers.

Credible pondered why these respected veterans, despite their limitations behind the scenes, continue to be associated with AEW. "I feel like people are being paid well, maybe too well, and they're just like, 'Screw this, let me just do the bare minimum of what I'm asked.

Let's ride this train until the wheels fall off, make our money, and go home,'" Credible opined. As the wrestling world scrutinizes AEW's handling of Bryan Danielson, Justin Credible's insights shed light on the company's perceived shortcomings in utilizing one of the industry's most highly regarded performers.

Whether AEW will address these concerns and optimize Danielson's potential remains to be seen. Still, Credible's remarks glimpse the discontent brewing within certain circles of the wrestling community.

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