Bully Ray Responds to Sabu's Unexpected AEW Show-up: 'Just a Shock Value Stunt


Bully Ray Responds to Sabu's Unexpected AEW Show-up: 'Just a Shock Value Stunt
Bully Ray Responds to Sabu's Unexpected AEW Show-up: 'Just a Shock Value Stunt

In a surprising turn of events on last night's episode of Dynamite, Sabu, also known as the "suicidal, homicidal, genocidal maniac," made a shocking appearance, establishing his role in the upcoming unsanctioned matchup between Adam Cole and Chris Jericho.

This unexpected revelation added a thrilling twist to the storyline leading up to the anticipated Double or Nothing pay-per-view event, set to take place this coming Sunday. During a recent episode of Busted Open Radio, wrestling veteran Bully Ray voiced his thoughts on Sabu's surprise entry into the AEW narrative.

He suggested that AEW might be relying too heavily on surprise elements, which, according to him, have lost some of their charm due to overuse. "I thought it was a surprise for the sake of a surprise," Bully Ray commented.

He continued, "And when it comes to surprises, AEW does it so much now that I think it’s lost its lustre a little bit." His criticism seemed to highlight a concern that the promotion might be compromising the effectiveness of their storylines in the quest for shock value.

Bully Ray Welcomes Sabu's Return

Despite his critique, Bully Ray expressed an air of happiness seeing his former ECW compatriot back in the limelight. Sabu, a former world champion, has had a challenging couple of years, making his return to a major wrestling program a cause for celebration among his fans and peers alike.

"I mean, it was cool to see Sabu," Ray admitted. As a stalwart in the wrestling business who started his career alongside Sabu in the ECW, Bully Ray shares a unique bond with him. Reflecting on their shared experiences and hardships, he added, "Knowing the difficult times that he has been through in the past couple of years, it was good to see him." Their past camaraderie, shared history, and professional experiences offer a nuanced perspective on Sabu's return to the wrestling stage.

The surprise might have seemed excessive to some, but for many, seeing the former world champion back in action was a heartening reminder of the resilience of this charismatic performer.

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