Jake Roberts Puzzled Over Lack of Championship Run for Lance Archer in AEW


Jake Roberts Puzzled Over Lack of Championship Run for Lance Archer in AEW
Jake Roberts Puzzled Over Lack of Championship Run for Lance Archer in AEW

Jake "The Snake" Roberts, renowned WWE Hall of Famer and longstanding manager for Lance Archer, former IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion, has recently expressed his bewilderment over the fact that Archer has yet to secure a world championship title in AEW (All Elite Wrestling).

This sentiment came to light during the most recent episode of the "Snake Pit." The wrestling legend candidly shared his confusion about AEW's reluctance to capitalize on Archer's undeniable talent fully, stating, "I don't know why they haven't jumped on that pony and let him run.

He's certainly capable of doing anything and everything. I can't deny that. Whether they will or not, I cannot tell. It's not my place to stay."

Lance Archer's Absence Despite AEW Readiness

Lance Archer, who made his AEW debut in 2020, has remained a noticeable absence from the main events, a puzzling development considering his confirmed physical readiness to compete.

Earlier this year, Archer reflected on the trajectory of his character within AEW, acknowledging that certain aspects have "gone awry" and speculating on potential modifications to his wrestling persona. Considering his previous successes, Archer's record in AEW has been curiously unremarkable.

His singular significant victory so far was the Casino Battle Royal in 2020. His championship record has remained dormant in AEW, prompting him to re-engage with his former promotion, New Japan Pro-Wrestling. Archer formed a formidable partnership with Minoru Suzuki in the 2022 World Tag League there.

Despite their collaborative efforts, Archer and Suzuki failed to advance to the finals, concluding their participation with a 4-5 tournament record. As Archer's presence on television has decreased, Roberts has shifted his focus towards a backstage role in AEW.

Known for his exceptional promo skills, Roberts hopes to impart wisdom on emerging talents, providing invaluable advice on character development and refining their interview capabilities. His enduring legacy and intricate understanding of the wrestling industry make him an ideal mentor for the upcoming wrestlers.

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