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Undisputed Era's AEW Double or Nothing Reunion on Cards?

Undisputed Era's AEW Double or Nothing Reunion on Cards?

Former NXT stars are making waves in All Elite Wrestling.

by Atia Mukhtar
Undisputed Era's AEW Double or Nothing Reunion on Cards?

The saga of the dynamic quartet that once dominated NXT during the infamous Wednesday Night Wars is now unfolding within All Elite Wrestling (AEW). The transition of the Undisputed Era into AEW was sequential, starting with Adam Cole's dramatic debut at AEW All Out 2021, where he chose to align with The Elite.

Bobby Fish was the next to make the shift, joining forces with Cole in the ensuing months. As 2021 concluded, Kyle O'Reilly emerged on the AEW scene, immediately reuniting with his former comrades. Despite a brief stint of teaming together, injuries sidelined Cole and O'Reilly, and Fish's departure left a void.

Roderick Strong Boosts AEW Comeback

The presence of Roderick Strong, the final member of the original Undisputed Era, has amplified Adam Cole's recent return to AEW. Strong's debut was surprising and strategic as he aided Cole during his ongoing rivalry with the Jericho Appreciation Society (JAS).

Given the numerical upper hand JAS holds over Cole and Strong, fans speculate that O'Reilly's anticipated return at AEW Double or Nothing this Sunday may bring equilibrium to the conflict. In a recent conversation with Barstool Sports, Cole expressed optimism about O'Reilly's recovery.

He emphasized O'Reilly's determination to rejoin the fray, particularly now that Strong has joined the AEW ranks. "Kyle is doing awesome. He's seen great progress, and hopefully, we'll see him again very soon," Cole said. Looking back, Cole, O'Reilly, and Strong shared a significant portion of their NXT journey.

Cole and O'Reilly, joined by Fish, debuted as the Undisputed Era. When Fish was sidelined due to injury, Cole successfully defended the NXT Tag Titles with O'Reilly. This marked Strong's entry into the group, essentially taking Fish's place.

Together, they reigned supreme over NXT from 2018 to 2020, at one point even collectively holding every male championship title within the brand. In discussing Strong's transition to AEW, Cole articulated his delight, praising Strong as one of the world's finest in-ring performers and emphasizing his significant contribution to any wrestling company. "AEW won big on that one," Cole declared, expressing his joy to reunite with one of his closest allies on a new stage.

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