Chris Jericho Responds to Claims of 'Burying' Fellow AEW Wrestlers


Chris Jericho Responds to Claims of 'Burying' Fellow AEW Wrestlers

Chris Jericho, the decorated professional wrestling legend, dismissed online criticism that he undermines budding talent in All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Instead, he highlighted his commitment to mentoring and fostering growth in emerging stars.

Jericho spoke candidly about his relationships with younger talents such as Max Friedman (MJF), Sammy Guevara, Darby Allin, and Jungle Boy, emphasizing his pivotal role in nurturing their professional wrestling careers since joining AEW.

"I worked with MJF for a year, and Sammy has been with me practically since he joined AEW, with just a few months as an exception. I always saw star potential in these guys," he stated.

Chris Jericho Spotlights Allin, Jungle Boy

Jericho also mentioned his early collaboration with Allin and Jungle Boy when AEW was in its nascent stages, expressing admiration for their talent.

"Within the first few months, I realized that they both had incredible potential," he said. In response to his critics, the wrestling stalwart laughed off allegations of 'burying' younger talent. "It's amusing when I'm lambasted online for supposedly undermining these young stars.

It's obvious that these critics don't comprehend my mission or truly watch the show, because the reality is the complete opposite." Jericho praised the transformation of these budding talents, particularly their evolution as talkers in the industry.

"We've done a commendable job building these guys. They've flourished as communicators—sure, they could always wrestle, but character development and talking skills are crucial," he stated. Jericho emphasized that his primary objective when he joined AEW was to help build as many stars as possible in a limited time frame.

"Chris Jericho might have drawn the crowd, but the show can't solely revolve around me. I'm immensely proud of these guys; they've earned their success. The term 'You deserve it' has never resonated with me; I prefer 'You earned it' because they've indeed earned their place and excelled in their roles," he concluded.

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