Saraya's AEW: Embracing Freedom in Wrestling!

Saraya embraces newfound empowerment in her AEW journey.

by Atia Mukhtar
Saraya's AEW: Embracing Freedom in Wrestling!

Saraya, a prominent figure in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), recently shared her profound appreciation for the freedom she now experiences as a member of the AEW roster during an interview on The Mark Hoke Show. Reflecting on her final years with WWE, Saraya admitted feeling despondent and restricted while confined to inactivity.

Saraya expressed her sentiments, stating, "It's not replaceable. The feeling you get from something you love is not replaceable; you can't just fill it with something else." She elaborated on the limitations imposed by WWE, including restrictions on her pursuits, such as her Twitch endeavors, and curtailed opportunities to explore alternative avenues that could have filled the void left by her absence from the ring.

The company's discouragement of media appearances and other ventures further exacerbated her frustration. Contrary to popular belief, Saraya clarified that she despised the inactivity and found it incredibly distressing, albeit without succumbing to destructive coping mechanisms.

AEW's Supportive Promise: Unparalleled Freedom for Saraya

Following her departure from WWE, Saraya detailed the outpouring of support she received from various individuals associated with AEW, including Tony Khan, Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley, Renee Paquette, and Britt Baker.

They reassured her that AEW would give her unparalleled freedom to pursue her passions. Saraya enthused, "You just have to come to work every week, and I'm like, are you sure about that? They said, 'No, we will give you that first-class travel.

Yeah, we will let you take days off when you need it. You don't have to wrestle as much if you don't want to, but the option is there.' They allowed me to do what I wanted, and it felt so good. Like I felt liberated somewhat.

I just felt like I just had freedom." Importantly, Saraya emphasized that her appreciation for the newfound freedom in AEW did not detract from her gratitude towards WWE. Recognizing her substantial tenure and the opportunities provided by the company, she acknowledged their role in shaping her career and creating her persona as Paige.

However, she drew a parallel between leaving one's parental home to gain independence and the profound liberation she experiences in AEW, where she can make decisions without excessive scrutiny or constraints. The freedom extends to personal choices like tattoos and hair color and the understanding and flexibility exhibited by AEW's leadership, notably, Tony Khan, who supports her well-being and allows for necessary time off.

Saraya's positive experiences in AEW reflect a newfound sense of fulfillment and contentment that she cherishes. She appreciates the dynamic and empowering environment that enables her to explore her passions and embrace her individuality.

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