Adam Cole: Sabu in AEW - Last-Minute Surprise Decision


Adam Cole: Sabu in AEW - Last-Minute Surprise Decision
Adam Cole: Sabu in AEW - Last-Minute Surprise Decision

In a surprising turn of events, Adam Cole has revealed that legendary E.C.W. wrestler Sabu will be in his corner at the upcoming A.E.W. Double or Nothing pay-per-view. Cole, set to face off against Chris Jericho in an Unsanctioned matchup, aims to level the playing field by bringing on board the "Suicidal, Homicidal, Genocidal Maniac" himself.

During an appearance on the Rasslin podcast, Cole expressed his admiration for Sabu, emphasizing how influential the former world champion had been in his wrestling journey. Recalling his younger days as a fan of E.C.W., Cole excitedly shared, "Oh my god, how incredible.

Listen, I think over time, and this is pretty wild to think about, but when I was younger watching E.C.W., Sabu was one of my absolute favorites." The fact that Sabu, a true student of the game, was willing to lend his support to Cole was a testament to the respect he had garnered over the years.

Cole further described the experience as "pretty damn cool."

Last-Minute Gamble: Sabu Joins Cole

Interestingly, as Cole revealed, Sabu's appearance on the go-home edition of A.E.W. Dynamite was a last-minute decision. Recognizing the significance of the Unsanctioned nature of his match with Jericho, Cole felt the need to take a bold step to ensure his chances of victory.

He explained, "It was a last-minute decision. It's great to have Roderick Strong there, but again, this match Sunday is Unsanctioned, and we know that the J.A.S. [Jericho Appreciation Society] will be involved, so I took a shot in the dark." Cole recounted how he reached out to Sabu through a mutual acquaintance, recognizing that there was no one better equipped for an Unsanctioned match than the enigmatic Sabu.

Through this impromptu collaboration, everything fell into place at the eleventh hour. As the anticipation for A.E.W. Double or Nothing builds, fans eagerly await the showdown between Cole and Jericho. With Sabu now in Cole's corner, the dynamics of the match have taken an unexpected turn.

The presence of the E.C.W. icon is sure to add an element of unpredictability and excitement to an already highly-anticipated event. Wrestling enthusiasts will be tuning in to witness how this last-minute alliance will impact the outcome of the Unsanctioned clash between two revered competitors.

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