MJF Unfazed by AEW World Title Match Placement at Double Or Nothing

MJF shares his aversion to bloodshed during wrestling matches.

by Atia Mukhtar
MJF Unfazed by AEW World Title Match Placement at Double Or Nothing

At AEW Double or Nothing, Maxwell Jacob Friedman, better known as MJF, emerged victorious in a hard-fought 4-Way contest against Sammy Guevara, Darby Allin, and Jungle Boy Jack Perry, successfully defending his AEW world title for the third time since capturing it from Jon Moxley at Full Gear 2022.

Following the event, during the post-Double or Nothing media scrum, MJF shared his perspective on the Anarchy In The Arena main event, which saw The Elite clash with The Blackpool Combat Club. At the same time, his world title match occurred earlier in the evening.

Surprisingly, MJF expressed indifference towards the match order, citing previous instances where the world title did not headline AEW events and even drawing parallels with WWE's approach. "Why would I want to be drenched in Jon Moxley's blood? I'm perfectly content with how things unfolded.

Besides, whether it's AEW or WWE, the notion of the World Title 'having to go on last' seems rather archaic in today's wrestling landscape. How often has the World Title not closed the show in this company?" MJF asserted, dismissing any concern over the placement of his match.

MJF's Disgust at Bloodshed

Expanding on his perspective, MJF further emphasized his aversion to wrestling in a blood-soaked environment, specifically referencing Wheeler Yuta's match, where blood was shed. With a hint of disgust, he clarified that he preferred to avoid such scenarios.

However, it is worth noting that Tony Khan interjected, clarifying that Yuta did not bleed during the match, leading MJF to respond accordingly. "I'd rather not engage in a contest amidst all that bloodshed. It's utterly repulsive.

But let's be real; Wheeler Yuta was in that match. Do I want to roll around in Wheeler Yuta's blood?" MJF quipped, pointing out the potential unsanitary nature of wrestling in a ring stained with blood. MJF's nonchalant attitude towards the world title match placement echoes his confidence and non-conformist approach to wrestling conventions.

In his view, the significance of the match order takes a backseat to the overall experience and success he has achieved as the reigning AEW world champion. As the Salt of the Earth continues to navigate his championship reign, he remains unperturbed by any perceived hierarchy in match placements, focusing instead on his path to greatness within All Elite Wrestling.

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