Darby Allin's Response to 'Reckless' Label


Darby Allin's Response to 'Reckless' Label

In a recent interview on "Drinks With Johnny," Darby Allin, the daredevil of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), addressed the perception that he is reckless, emphasizing the calculated nature of his actions. The 30-year-old wrestler expressed his ambition to become the face of AEW and clarified his unwavering commitment to the company.

Contrary to popular belief, Allin argued that there was a method behind his madness. Despite his penchant for taking risks, he assured fans and critics that he is far from reckless. "I'm very calculated with what I do," Allin affirmed, dismissing the notion that he lacks control in his endeavors.

Daring Feats Challenge Recklessness Perception

The audacious feats he has undertaken have led people to perceive him as reckless. Whether it be his impending ascent of Mount Everest or his jaw-dropping stunts, such as a 96-foot jump over his house in a jeep or a 92-foot plunge down a waterfall, Allin's actions have often defied conventional expectations.

However, he maintained that he possesses a deep understanding of his craft. While Allin's ventures outside the wrestling ring may seem daring, he made it clear that his dedication to AEW remains his utmost priority. "I'm not being irresponsible or anything like that when it comes to AEW because AEW is my number one focal point," Allin asserted.

As he continues to pursue his dreams within the promotion, he recognizes that becoming the AEW World Champion is an essential step toward being the face of the company. At AEW's recent event, Double or Nothing, Allin faced MJF, "Jungle Boy" Jack Perry, and Sammy Guevara in a fierce battle for the AEW World Championship.

Although he fell short of claiming the title that night, Allin sees it as the beginning of his journey. Undeterred by the setback, he remains steadfast in pursuing one ultimate goal: to be synonymous with AEW. "I want people to think of Darby Allin when they look at AEW," he concluded.

With his unwavering dedication, calculated approach, and relentless ambition, Darby Allin strives to prove that he is more than a reckless daredevil. As he continues to leave a lasting impact on AEW and its fans, his efforts aim to solidify his place as the face of the company he holds dear.

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