Konosuke Takeshita Declares 'Rebirth' After Elite's Betrayal at AEW Event

AEW's Double or Nothing event reveals Takeshita's shocking alliance switch.

by Atia Mukhtar
Konosuke Takeshita Declares 'Rebirth' After Elite's Betrayal at AEW Event

Professional wrestling's intriguing twists and turns never amaze me, and the recent AEW Double or Nothing event was no exception. Konosuke Takeshita, the birthday boy, celebrated his special day not with a conventional party but with a shocking twist that stunned fans and fellow wrestlers alike.

Konosuke Takeshita's Betrayal Spurs Victory

Takeshita, a dominant force in professional wrestling, set social media abuzz by declaring his sense of "rebirth" following a shocking betrayal of The Elite. His unexpected actions played a decisive role in The Blackpool Combat Club's victory over The Elite in the Anarchy In The Arena Match.

Turning his back on his former allies, Takeshita delivered a stunning superkick to Kenny Omega, setting the stage for Wheeler Yuta to provide the ultimate pinfall loss in the event's electrifying final brawl. His association with the cunning villain Don Callis and The Blackpool Combat Club was unveiled in all its glory, starkly contrasting his earlier stance.

Just a month ago, Takeshita had stood shoulder-to-shoulder with The Elite, successfully fending off an assault from The Blackpool Combat Club. Omega and Takeshita even triumphed in a tag team battle against The Butcher & The Blade, with Callis curiously present in their corner.

The intrigue deepened when Callis betrayed The Elite following Omega's grueling steel cage match against Jon Moxley of BCC. Callis's shocking actions – stabbing Omega in the head with a screwdriver and then metaphorically in the heart by aligning with Takeshita – left everyone dumbfounded.

Takeshita's sentiment was evident in his cryptic tweet that read, "THE ELITE WAS THE BEST," hinting at his newfound allegiance with the Blackpool Combat Club. Since his AEW debut in April 2021, Takeshita has consistently made waves in the professional wrestling circuit.

His return to AEW in 2022 elevated him from a promising talent to a fan favorite. This admiration extended beyond the wrestling fan base, winning him sponsorship from the popular cinnamon roll franchise, Cinnabon, a testament to his charm and charisma.

As the former DDT Wrestling KO-D Openweight Champion steps into a new chapter, all eyes are on what thrilling moves Takeshita will pull next.