Disco Inferno Slams AEW's Booking: "Give Him a Manager and Turn Him Heel!"

Jungle Boy's valiant quest for championship glory falls short.

by Atia Mukhtar
Disco Inferno Slams AEW's Booking: "Give Him a Manager and Turn Him Heel!"

WCW legend Disco Inferno has recently shared his thoughts on the future of one of AEW's most beloved performers, "Jungle Boy" Jack Perry. Known for his charismatic babyface persona and partnership with Luchasaurus, Perry has captured the hearts of fans with his virtuous in-ring style and iconic "Tarzan Boy" entrance music.

However, Disco Inferno suggests a heel turn could be the key to unlocking even greater success for Perry in All Elite Wrestling. During a conversation on the "Keepin' It 100" podcast, Disco Inferno drew parallels between Perry and WWE Superstar Dominik Mysterio, emphasizing how a heel turn can breathe new life into a performer.

Inferno remarked that Perry, who he perceives as having a limited personality as a babyface, could benefit significantly from the freedom and expression a heel turn can provide. He cited Dominik Mysterio's transition from scripted babyface promos to a more comfortable and compelling heel persona as a prime example.

Inferno proposed that Perry not only embrace a heel turn but also consider adding a manager to enhance his character and address any perceived weaknesses in his promo abilities. Speculation about Jack Perry's potential heel turn has been growing, especially following his recent participation in the Four Pillars Four-way match.

Perry has been vocal about his desire to capture a singles title this year, and his increasingly desperate demeanor suggests a willingness to explore new avenues. Disco Inferno even proposed a scenario where Perry solidifies his heel turn by cheating to defeat Orange Cassidy, further cementing his transformation.

Perry's Near Miss but Resonating Success in AEW

Despite not clinching the AEW World Championship in his recent outing, Perry has garnered considerable success in All Elite Wrestling. As a former AEW Tag Team Champion, his commitment to authenticity and staying true to himself has resonated with audiences.

At the recent Double or Nothing event, he came agonizingly close to capturing the world championship, engaging in several near-victorious moments throughout the match. However, Perry's refusal to use the title belt as a weapon ultimately proved detrimental, as he fell victim to Darby Allin's coffin drop, removing him from contention.

MJF capitalized on the situation, placing the title belt on Perry's chest, injuring Allin, and setting himself up for a successful headlock takeover. As the speculation surrounding Jack Perry's potential heel turn swells, fans and critics eagerly await his next move.

Will Perry heed Disco Inferno's advice and embrace a darker side? Only time will tell if this evolution will bring forth the untamed potential within him and propel him to new heights of success in AEW.

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