AEW Star's Candid Take on Possible Brand Split

Matt Hardy discusses scheduling concerns and hopes for roster clarity.

by Atia Mukhtar
AEW Star's Candid Take on Possible Brand Split

In anticipation of the upcoming Collision event on June 17th, AEW wrestler Matt Hardy has opened up about the rumors surrounding a possible brand split within the promotion. While details regarding the extent of the division have varied, Hardy shed some light on what it could mean for the company's talent.

According to reports, AEW is considering a brand split to separate certain wrestlers and storylines. One of the key motivations behind this move is to create distance between CM Punk and The Elite following their infamous backstage altercation at All Out 2022.

In recent months, the Collision event has been promoted to feature several talents who have had limited appearances on AEW's flagship show, Dynamite. Miro, Samoa Joe, Thunder Rosa, Scorpio Sky, and Andrade El Idolo are among these stars.

During an episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, Hardy expressed his thoughts on the potential brand split and emphasized the importance of providing clarity to the roster regarding their schedules. He acknowledged the challenges that wrestlers face in planning personal time, such as vacations and family trips, when uncertainties about their commitments linger.

Hardy Eager for Clear Roster Division at Collision

Hardy stated, "As of now, everybody has to leave everything open. So, I'll be happy when Collision gets here, and they have a perfect lock on what roster is on Dynamite and what roster is on Collision.

There'll be some guys that float back and forth." He also expressed his desire for a regular schedule that allows wrestlers involved in the brand split to maintain a semblance of normalcy in their personal lives. In recent action on The Buy In, the pre-show for Double Or Nothing, Hardy teamed up with his brother Jeff Hardy and HOOK to defeat Ethan Page and The Gunns.

This victory now grants Hardy ownership of Page's contract, further solidifying his position in AEW. As Collision approaches, fans eagerly await further announcements and details regarding the brand split. Matt Hardy's insights glimpse the potential impact on the AEW roster and the importance of providing structure to wrestlers' schedules, enabling them to effectively balance their professional and personal lives.

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