AEW Stars Erupt with Excitement Over CM Punk's Announcement


AEW Stars Erupt with Excitement Over CM Punk's Announcement

CM Punk's highly anticipated return to AEW, confirmed by Tony Khan on Dynamite, has sparked a flurry of reactions from the company's roster. The wrestling world was abuzz with rumors, and now the worst-kept secret has been unveiled.

Since his contentious departure following an altercation backstage at All Out, CM Punk has been absent from the AEW scene. However, with the announcement of AEW's inaugural Saturday night show at the United Center in Chicago.

This city witnessed Punk's AEW debut in 2021; speculation grew rampant that the renowned wrestler would return triumphantly.

CM Punk's Explosive Return Confirmed

Putting all doubts to rest, Tony Khan appeared once more on Dynamite, firmly stating that CM Punk will indeed be rejoining the company, returning on the debut episode of Collision on June 17th.

The confirmation sent shockwaves through the wrestling community and left fans ecstatic for what promises to be an electrifying event. After the revelation, AEW stars swiftly took to social media to express joy. Max Caster of The Acclaimed playfully quipped, "See you in catering," indicating his excitement for Punk's return.

Meanwhile, the enigmatic Danhausen celebrated the news by sharing delightful snapshots of himself alongside the legendary wrestler. Brody King from The House of Black chose a cinematic approach to convey his reaction. He shared a scene from the beloved film Billy Madison, featuring Adam Sandler engaging in a dodgeball game with children while warning them, "Now you're all in big, big trouble." This playful reference could allude to Punk's storied history with The Elite and other adversaries he may encounter upon his return.

As the wrestling world eagerly awaits the Collision debut, CM Punk's homecoming to AEW has generated an electric buzz and ignited a renewed sense of excitement among both fans and fellow wrestlers alike. The stage is set for an extraordinary chapter in Punk's storied career, and the anticipation continues to build as the countdown to his comeback intensifies.

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