Post-Double Or Nothing AEW Dynamite Ratings Rise, But Key Demo Declines


Post-Double Or Nothing AEW Dynamite Ratings Rise, But Key Demo Declines

The episode of "AEW Dynamite" that aired on Wednesday, May 31, was poised to be a fascinating spectacle in terms of Nielsen ratings, given that it was the first show following the "Double or Nothing" event and faced no competition from NHL or NBA playoff games for the first time in several weeks.

The final statistics indeed presented a varied picture.

Dynamite Ratings: Upsurge and Decline

Wrestlenomics, through their Twitter and Patreon accounts, released the data that indicated "Dynamite" attracted an average of 923,000 viewers during its two-hour timeslot.

This reflected an increase of nine percent from the previous week. However, of this audience, around 374,000 belonged to the advertisers' "key demo," that is, adults between 18 and 49, marking a decline of 11 percent from the week prior.

The P18-49 rating was slightly up at 0.29, a minor rise from the average 0.28 rating the show maintained during the playoff season. ShowbuzzDaily has yet to publish its Wednesday cable rankings, so "Dynamite's" standing remains unknown.

For a more nuanced analysis, the Wrestlenomics Patreon page documents "Dynamite's" performance across various demographics compared to the median from the last four weeks. The numbers revealed some intriguing shifts. Significant decreases were seen primarily among women viewers:

  1. A 27 percent drop among those aged 18 to 34
  2. A 23 percent decline in the 35 to 49 age group
  3. A 22 percent reduction for women aged 18 to 49
Among the demographic breakdown, the 18 to 34 adult group witnessed a notable 17 percent decrease in viewership, while men aged 18 to 34 also faced a significant 14 percent decline, indicating shifts in engagement within these key target segments of the "AEW Dynamite" audience.

In contrast, viewers not part of the P18-49 demo noted the most substantial relative surge, with a notable increase of 26 percent from the median. This was followed by an 11 percent rise in the total viewership and a ten percent uptick in the male viewers aged 35 to 49, shedding light on shifting viewer preferences and engagement with the "AEW Dynamite" show.