AEW Teases Aubrey Edwards Match!


AEW Teases Aubrey Edwards Match!

Aubrey Edwards, known for her role as a referee in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), surprised fans when she made a bold move inside the squared circle during the recent episode of Rampage, leaving many speculating if she is gearing up for an in-ring competition.

The tantalizing situation unfolded at the Double Or Nothing event, where Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal stepped up to challenge FTR for the highly coveted AEW Tag Team Championship. However, true to the chaotic nature surrounding Jarrett's entourage, the match was anything but ordinary.

Lethal and Jarrett made their way to the ring accompanied by Sonjay Dutt, Satnam Singh, and Karen Jarrett, intensifying the stakes. The officiating duties were initially assigned to Mark Briscoe, but when Dutt and Singh crossed the line with their interference, Briscoe promptly banished them from ringside.

However, before they departed, a fortuitous guitar swing from Jeff Jarrett accidentally struck Briscoe, leaving him incapacitated.

Aubrey Edwards Ambushed by Jarrett Clan!

Seizing the opportunity to ensure a fair contest, Aubrey Edwards hastily rushed to the ring to replace the fallen referee.

But her intentions were abruptly thwarted by Dutt, who impeded her progress, followed by an unexpected guitar shot to the head by Karen Jarrett. The shocking attack left Edwards reeling and ignited a conflict between the AEW official and the Jarrett clan.

The repercussions of Karen Jarrett's assault were brought to the forefront in the latest episode of Rampage. Backstage, discussions swirled within Jeff Jarrett's crew about potential fines and suspensions for Karen's actions.

However, their deliberations were abruptly interrupted by Mark Briscoe, who delivered the news that Tony Khan, the head honcho of AEW, had decided against issuing suspensions. Briscoe revealed that he and Edwards wanted a piece of Jarrett and Karen, respectively, setting the stage for a potential clash.

As tensions ran high backstage, an intense confrontation unfolded when Edwards and Karen Jarrett locked eyes. The AEW referee wasted no time, grabbing her nemesis by the throat, and a brief skirmish ensued. Referees and onlookers rushed in to separate the feuding women while the question lingered: could this confrontation ultimately lead to an official mixed tag team match? As fans eagerly await further developments, the potential collision between Aubrey Edwards and Karen Jarrett has captured the attention of the AEW universe.

It has yet to be seen whether it materializes into an explosive showdown inside the ring. Still, one thing is sure: the brewing animosity between these two fierce competitors has set the stage for an electrifying encounter that fans will not want to miss.