Darby Allin's Elvis Tribute at Presley's Birthplace


Darby Allin's Elvis Tribute at Presley's Birthplace

In an evocative tribute to the King of Rock N Roll, Elvis Presley, Darby Allin, he recently made a statement with his attire. Known for his bold and unapologetic affection for Elvis, Allin combined his passion for wrestling and admiration for the music legend in a manner he could.

Allin, an AEW star, donned an Elvis-inspired outfit while entering Las Vegas, Nevada, ahead of his AEW World Championship match at Double or Nothing 2023. Competing against MJF, "Jungle Boy" Jack Perry, and Sammy Guevara, the match culminated with MJF clinching victory.

Allin's Elvis tribute clothing underscored the event, though, making a striking impression and unforgettably honoring the late music legend.

Allin's Elvis Tribute: Beyond Attire

A video accompanying Allin's grand entrance at Double or Nothing added depth to his unique attire choice, explaining why and how the wrestling figure embraced this special tribute.

Yet, Allin's homage to Elvis didn't end there. As the wrestling world geared up for the upcoming AEW House Rules event in Tupelo, Mississippi, Allin made a pilgrimage to Elvis Presley's birthplace. Accompanied by an AEW crew member, Allin again wore his Elvis tribute attire, proving his dedication to honoring Presley's legacy.

"When in Tupelo, MS, you have to visit Elvis Presley's birthplace with Elvis himself," tweeted Boz, alluding to Allin's role-playing as the legendary artist. Later that day, Allin teamed up with AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy at the AEW House Rules event.

The dynamic duo, which began their partnership in March, successfully took down Big Bill and "All Ego" Ethan Page, further consolidating their winning streak. Allin and Cassidy have also proven their mettle on AEW television.

The duo recently claimed victory over The Mogul Embassy's Kaun and Toa Liona on "AEW Dynamite" before Cassidy's impending AEW International Championship defense against Swerve Strickland. As for what's next on Allin's agenda, with the return of his mentor and friend, Sting, the horizon looks promising for the 30-year-old wrestling sensation.

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