Matt Hardy Discusses Jeff Hardy AEW Double Or Nothing Show

Reviving classic rivalries, Jeff Hardy makes a triumphant AEW return.

by Atia Mukhtar
Matt Hardy Discusses Jeff Hardy AEW Double Or Nothing Show

Upon his sensational return to All Elite Wrestling (AEW), the iconic Jeff Hardy was immediately embroiled in an existing storyline with his brother, Matt Hardy, and the formidable faction, The Firm. Embracing his legendary high-flying style, Jeff quickly rejoined the fray, teaming with Matt, HOOK, and Isiah Kassidy to claim a hard-fought victory in a Firm Deletion match during the May 5 episode of AEW's "Rampage." The action culminated at the annual Double or Nothing event, where Jeff, Matt, and HOOK faced off against Ethan Page and The Gunns, comprised of Austin and Colten.

This thrilling six-man tag team encounter was Jeff's first appearance at a pay-per-view since Double or Nothing 2022. In the latest installment of the "Extreme Life of Matt Hardy" series, Matt provided an insider's perspective into his brother's performance at the event.

"Throughout the day, he kept saying, 'I can't wait until we wrap this up.' He was eager, ready to get through the match and deliver a performance that would exceed people's expectations," Matt explained.

Jeff Hardy's Unyielding Fitness

According to Matt, despite prevailing assumptions about his wrestling form, Jeff was in top physical condition, boasting impressive fitness and wrestling finesse.

He commented, "It's amusing how people underestimated Jeff. He was aware of the skepticism, but he proved he was in peak shape regarding his cardiovascular fitness and in-ring capabilities." The match wasn't without its moments of intrigue, as Jeff had a misstep while attempting to execute his signature "Whisper in the Wind" move on Austin Gunn.

As Matt revealed, Jeff's slip from the ropes was intentional but didn't quite play out as expected. "Honestly, he intended to lose his footing, but he accidentally caught his leg over the top rope in the process, something he didn't anticipate," Matt confessed, shedding light on the unexpected twist.

Despite this hiccup, the Hardy brothers and HOOK remained undeterred. They turned the tide of the match, landing two devastating "Twists of Fate" on Page, followed by HOOK's match-ending "Redrum" submission maneuver. Ultimately, they clinched the victory, highlighting Jeff's triumphant return to AEW.

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