AEW Fight Forever Debuts Owen Hart's First Video Game Cameo Since 2004


AEW Fight Forever Debuts Owen Hart's First Video Game Cameo Since 2004
AEW Fight Forever Debuts Owen Hart's First Video Game Cameo Since 2004

Owen Hart, the legendary professional wrestler, is set to make a long-awaited return to the world of video games after a gap of nearly two decades. All Elite Wrestling (AEW), the renowned wrestling promotion company, is slated to launch AEW Fight Forever towards the end of June.

In a momentous announcement, it was revealed that this multi-platform game would be the first since 2004's "Showdown: Legends of Wrestling" to include Owen Hart as a playable character. Hart, a former IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion, will be accessible across various gameplay modes.

The anticipation was stoked further when well-known YouTuber Chris Danger, who received an early copy of the game, shared a glimpse of Hart's character on Twitter. Danger voiced the sentiments of many fans saying, "So insane to see him back in a video game."

Tragic Demise of Owen Hart

Sadly, Hart's life was cut short in a shocking accident in May 1999 during a stunt performance where he tragically fell to his death.

The horrifying incident occurred when the carabiner that fastened Hart to his wire unexpectedly unlatched. He was merely 34 years old. AEW, in a touching tribute to the wrestling icon, has initiated a tournament in Hart's memory.

This endeavor is a collaborative effort with Hart's widow, Dr. Martha Hart, and the Owen Hart Foundation, an organization she founded to honor her late husband's legacy. Hart's image has largely been withheld from public use since his untimely death, except for the 2004 video game appearance, due to a civil case Dr.

Martha Hart won against WWE for negligence. AEW Fight Forever promises to revive Hart's on-screen persona and is slated for release on June 29. The game's launch concludes a tumultuous journey, given that it had been suspended in limbo due to a contentious intellectual property dispute over its title.

There had been ambiguity surrounding the game's release, with conflicting statements from AEW President Tony Khan and a representative from THQ Nordic. However, it now seems the game is set to make its mid-June deadline, offering fans a chance to relive Hart's incredible legacy.

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