Tony Schiavone Speaks About WCW’s Demise


Tony Schiavone Speaks About WCW’s Demise

WCW was at one time the only promotion that had the star power and storylines required to beat the WWE during the Monday Night Wars. One of the most important members of WCW during the Monday Night Wars was Tony Schiavone. Tony works for AEW now.

He is one of the most well know wrestling commentators in the world. He has called some of the best WCW matches of all time.

Tony Belives that Eric Just Delayed the WCW from Closing and Could Never Save It

Tony spent nearly 20 years of his life working for WCW.

WCW was run by Jim Crockett during its early years. He stayed with WCW during the Monday Night Wars and remained loyal throughout. WCW went out of business in 2001. It was bought by Vince McMahon. Tony revealed that his time in the WCW wasn’t always positive.

He returned to the WCW in 1990 after leaving the WWE. Tony admitted that he regrets that decision. Tony appeared on ‘What Happened When’ recently. He described the state that WCW was in during the time he worked there.

"During this era, between 1990 and before Eric [Bischoff] took over, I was just kind of waiting for all of this to end," Schiavone said. "I was waiting for it. I thought in my mind, any time, Turner is going to say 'You're done.'

" According to Tony, Eric made things a bit better when he started running the WCW. Eric joined WCW in 1993. Eric was the reason why WCW was very successful during the Monday Night Wars. Under Eric, WCW managed to create some of the most compelling storylines in professional wrestling history.

The legendary faction, NWO, was also created under the Eric. According to many people, Eric made a few mistakes during the Monday Night Wars. For example, he gave Hulk Hogan creative freedom. Many people believe that Hulk used his power to only benefit himself.

According to Tony, Eric simply delayed the inevitable, and there was nothing that Eric could have done to save the WCW. "Bischoff just prolonged it," Schiavone said. "That's all he did. He came in with great ideas and a great vision and did great things, and it just prolonged what the eventual reality would be, and that is Turner getting tired of wrestling." Eric has stated in the past that companies did not wish to work with wrestling promotions and generating revenue through ads was a big problem for them.

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