Bobby Fish Speaks About Leaving AEW


Bobby Fish Speaks About Leaving AEW
Bobby Fish Speaks About Leaving AEW

Bobby Fish was at one time a very popular AEW wrestler. Many former WWE wrestlers believe that AEW has a better backstage environment overall. This is one of the reasons why a significant number of WWE stars left the WWE to join AEW.

However, AEW does not work well for all wrestlers that join it. Many wrestlers choose to leave AEW due to contract issues, or for not getting enough time on AEW TV.

Bobby Fish Speaks About Why He Left The AEW and Join NJPW

AEW planned to have Bobby feud with Kenny Omega, as Bobby was popular enough for that to make sense.

However, that never happened and on ‘Tru Heels BTR’ podcast, Bobby revealed why the feud never happened. According to him he would have teamed with, Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, and Kyle O'Reilly to fight The Elite in AEW.

"Yeah, the plans were always something between the group of us, some version of Adam [Cole], Me, Kyle [O'Reilly], Roddy [Roderick Strong] — if he ever became available — and then there was Matt and Nick [Jackson], who we already knew we had such chemistry with, and Kenny [Omega]," said Fish.

According to Bobby, a feud with The Elite and The Undisputed Era made a tremendous amount of sense. "Kenny and Adam are great foils for each other, and like there were just ... you know things that made sense, they made sense, and I think everybody, even without talking about it, knew kind of where we were headed.

Tony [Khan] books the show and he, I'm sure, had that long-term as well." Bobby admitted that injuries and contract issues got in the way of that feud. Bobby is working for NJPW right now, as he left AEW in September 2022.

This happened after he failed to agree on a contract. "We couldn't agree on a number going forward," he said. "We couldn't agree on — not even a number, we couldn't agree on numbers. So, we're talking about everything that would be in a contract, and we tried, you know, and my agent at the time who knows their lawyers, they tried, but we just couldn't come to an agreement.

I don't overvalue myself, but do value myself." After leaving AEW, Bobby fought for Impact Wrestling for a small amount of time. He made his Impact Wrestling debut at Bound for Glory in 2022 in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet.

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