CM Punk Poised for AEW Gang Showdown?

New developments surface regarding CM Punk's impending AEW return.

by Noman Rasool
CM Punk Poised for AEW Gang Showdown?

Anticipation is building amongst AEW fans as they eagerly await the return of CM Punk on the inaugural edition of AEW's Collision. The wrestling world is buzzing with speculation, pondering what Punk's comeback will entail and who he will face in the ring.

Over the past few months, rumors and reports have suggested several potential opponents for Punk, including Samoa Joe and Jay White. Punk, a former AEW World Champion, holds White in high esteem, sparking rumors of a potentially explosive showdown.

Punk's Potential AEW Feud Unveiled

However, new reports suggest Punk's return may be embroiled in a larger feud. Sean Ross Sapp's latest SRS Backstage Report on Fightful Select indicates Punk might be gearing up for a feud involving his old friends and the current AEW Tag Team Champions, FTR.

FTR is in a rivalry with White and his Bullet Club Gold partner, Juice Robinson. The conflict heightened when FTR intervened to halt White and Robinson's attack on Ricky Starks at Double Or Nothing. Sapp's report suggests that Punk and FTR may be drawn into a feud with Bullet Club Gold, with the potential addition of a third member to balance the sides.

The implications of this feud have an exciting impact on AEW fans, adding an element of suspense and intrigue to Punk's comeback. A notable upcoming event is the meeting between Jay White and Ricky Starks on Dynamite in Colorado Springs, a bout that promises high stakes.

FTR and Juice Robinson are prohibited from being at ringside, leaving White and Starks to duke it out mano a mano. The wrestling grapevine suggests that Bullet Club Gold might introduce a third member to their group, which could result in catastrophic consequences for Starks.

The return of CM Punk to AEW television is creating ripples of excitement throughout the wrestling community. The potential for an intense feud involving Punk, FTR, and Bullet Club Gold adds more anticipation to his return.

Fans are left wondering: just who will Punk face in the ring, and what will his comeback mean for the ever-evolving dynamics of AEW?

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