Kenny Omega Stunned After Exiting Major AEW Bout

Drama unfolded as tensions escalated in the latest AEW Dynamite.

by Noman Rasool
Kenny Omega Stunned After Exiting Major AEW Bout

In the most recent edition of AEW Dynamite, aired on May 10th, a long-standing feud was reignited inside the brutal confines of a steel cage. The embattled duo at the center of this whirlwind, Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega, gave fans a thrilling spectacle that left Omega counting his lucky stars to have escaped unscathed.

The rivalry between Moxley and Omega has its roots in the debut of the ex-WWE superstar at AEW's 2019 Double Or Nothing event. The animosity between these two elite wrestlers has steadily escalated in recent months. The ongoing power struggle between the Blackpool Combat Club and The Elite has fueled this tension.

This intensifying conflict came to a head on Dynamite in a captivating steel cage match, where an unforeseen betrayal blindsided Kenny Omega. In a shocking move, the cunning Don Callis turned on Omega, attacking him with a screwdriver, which paved the way for Moxley to seize the victory.

Omega's Perilous In-Ring Encounter

Yet, another nerve-wracking moment in the match could have ended in a horrific disaster for Omega. In a risky move, Omega launched a powerful V-Trigger at Jon Moxley, catapulting him through the side of the steel cage onto the hard arena floor.

In the chaotic aftermath, Kenny Omega's foot was ensnared between the ring and the cage, contorting his knee in an unnatural and potentially harmful manner. Omega reflected on this harrowing moment during a conversation with Muscle & Fitness.

Speaking about the gruesome incident, he conceded that he was both stunned and grateful to have walked away from that match unharmed. Expressing his disbelief, Omega said, "I'm still bewildered over how it was that I walked away from that one.

I just let it happen and I think, somehow, because nothing was going against the grain, or fighting against this odd happening, I miraculously ended up OK." His surprising escape from a potentially career-threatening injury illustrates the unpredictable and perilous nature of professional wrestling.

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