Kris Statlander Reflects on Her Uniquely Different AEW Comeback


Kris Statlander Reflects on Her Uniquely Different AEW Comeback

After several unfortunate events, professional wrestler Kris Statlander is optimistic about her recent return to All Elite Wrestling (AEW). She is determined to improve her trajectory, despite previous hiccups and setbacks.

Kris Statlander, with her unique alien persona, brought a fresh and distinct flavor to AEW. However, the quirky character and its unusual antics didn't generate the expected success, leading to uneven results throughout her tenure.

Statlander's promising journey was abruptly halted in June 2020 when she sustained a severe ACL injury in a significant setback. This unfortunate event benched her for nearly a year, damaging her professional growth. Upon returning to the ring in March 2021, Statlander's efforts to regain her footing were thwarted.

Despite her best attempts, she struggled to make a significant impact. Things took a turn for the worse when, in August 2022, she suffered another significant ACL injury, forcing her out of action for an undetermined period.

Statlander's Resilient Return to AEW

However, resilience is often the name of the game in professional wrestling. Statlander, now in apparently better shape, has again entered the AEW fray. Her improved condition has inspired confidence in the AEW management, prompting them to consider her for a championship.

Statlander expressed her hopes for a more favorable outcome during a conversation on Busted Open Radio. Though she battles nerves and the psychological impact of her past injuries, she believes in her capacity to bounce back.

"Returning to the ring after my second ACL injury was a markedly different experience," she shared. The first time, she recalled, there were no fans, and her role was essentially to emerge from a claw machine during a match.

In stark contrast, her recent return saw her step into the ring in front of ten thousand live spectators. She admitted to feeling anxious, saying, "It was more just trying to remind myself that 'I know what I'm doing; you've done this before.'

" Statlander recounted a conversation with fellow wrestler Trent, who had been under the impression that she was pretty calm. Yet, according to her heart rate monitor, she was in the high-stress zone for about an hour. Reflecting on that moment, she quipped, "Well, you know, I like to show that I'm not nervous. Can't let them know, can't let these people know I'm scared."

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