Jim Ross Explains Mauro Ranallo's Unlikelihood to Join AEW Collision Broadcast Team


Jim Ross Explains Mauro Ranallo's Unlikelihood to Join AEW Collision Broadcast Team

In professional wrestling, the buzz surrounding Mauro Ranallo's potential arrival in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) gained momentum after reports emerged last summer about discussions between Ranallo's management team and the promotion.

As AEW gears up to introduce their new Saturday night show, "AEW Collision," speculation has grown among fans about Ranallo's possible involvement as a commentator. However, wrestling veteran Jim Ross, who currently serves as a commentator for AEW, believes it is doubtful that Ranallo will join the "Collision" broadcast team.

During a virtual signing event with "K&S WrestleFest," Ross shared his perspective, shedding light on his friendship with Ranallo and his insight into the renowned announcer's challenges. Ross acknowledged Ranallo's exceptional talent, affirming his ability to contribute significantly to any organization.

However, he emphasized that Ranallo's struggles with mental health could hinder his inclusion in the AEW broadcast team for "Collision." "He's a friend of mine... He has mental health issues," Ross revealed. "He can help any organization, Mauro.

Mauro Ranallo is that good. He could be a better traveler, and that's not knocking Mauro. He has more important issues than who's doing 'Dynamite' next week."

Mauro Ranallo's Mental Health Struggles

Ranallo has been candid about his battle with bipolar disorder since being diagnosed at 19, a condition that surfaced following the tragic loss of his best friend.

His mental health journey was showcased in the documentary "Bipolar Rock 'N Roller," which aired on Showtime during his tenure with WWE. Although Ranallo worked for WWE from 2015 to 2020, his tenure was briefly interrupted due to allegations of bullying from former WWE Champion John "Bradshaw" Layfield.

In 2021, Ranallo made a notable appearance in the pro wrestling world as a commentator for Impact Wrestling's Rebellion pay-per-view. He lent his voice to the title vs. main event between Rich Swann and Kenny Omega, showcasing his remarkable skills behind the microphone.

Currently, Ranallo is signed with Bellator, an MMA organization, where he serves as a play-by-play commentator. While the possibility of seeing Ranallo on the AEW "Collision" broadcast team excited fans, Jim Ross's insights provide a realistic perspective on the matter.

Ranallo's mental health challenges and travel limitations make his involvement in the show unlikely. As wrestling enthusiasts eagerly await the debut of "AEW Collision," it remains to be seen who will join the commentary desk, but Mauro Ranallo's presence seems improbable, given the circumstances.

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