AEW Dynamite Shocks Fans with Vince McMahon Name Drop!


AEW Dynamite Shocks Fans with Vince McMahon Name Drop!

Vince McMahon, the longstanding figurehead and Executive Chairman of WWE, found himself unexpectedly referenced in the pro wrestling realm of AEW Dynamite, as one of their stars invoked his name during a recent episode. McMahon, who has helmed WWE for over four decades and transformed it into a global powerhouse, carries a name that resonates throughout the industry.

However, his legacy has been marred by allegations of s***al assault that have followed him over the years, leading to a temporary departure from his company in July 2022.

AEW Champion MJF Stirs Controversy

While McMahon's name may still elicit cheers within WWE arenas, the sentiment drastically shifts when in front of an AEW crowd.

This fact was not lost on AEW World Champion MJF, who seized the opportunity to provoke a reaction by dropping McMahon's name during a segment on Dynamite. MJF's encounter with Adam Cole, who grew weary of the champion's incessant boasting following his successful title defense at Double Or Nothing, catalyzed this noteworthy mention.

MJF, aware of the disdain many AEW fans harbor towards McMahon, aimed to get under Cole's skin by referencing the speculation that McMahon intended to turn Cole into Keith Lee's manager on the WWE main roster due to his perceived lack of star potential.

Unfazed by MJF's claims, Cole responded with laughter, while the passionate AEW crowd in Colorado Springs made their collective feelings unmistakably clear. As McMahon's name resonated through the arena, chants of "f*ck that guy" echoed passionately from the stands.

This provocative segment set the stage for a momentous showdown in the form of an AEW World Title Eliminator between MJF and Adam Cole. Fans can anticipate this highly anticipated encounter, scheduled for the June 14th edition of Dynamite, as the rivalry between the two wrestlers intensifies.

In the ever-evolving landscape of professional wrestling, where rival promotions aim to captivate audiences and push boundaries, the invocation of Vince McMahon's name on AEW Dynamite served as a reminder of the industry's complex dynamics and the emotional responses they elicit from devoted fans.

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