AEW Eyed Mercedes Moné for Forbidden Door Against Saraya


AEW Eyed Mercedes Moné for Forbidden Door Against Saraya
AEW Eyed Mercedes Moné for Forbidden Door Against Saraya

A recent turn of events has prompted speculation regarding the potential appearance of wrestling superstar Mercedes Moné at the upcoming AEW and New Japan Pro-Wrestling event, Forbidden Door. The conjecture abruptly halted following Moné's ankle injury at Resurgence, placing her on the injury list just ahead of the much-anticipated event.

A report from Fightful Select revealed AEW's initial intent to feature Moné in the Forbidden Doors event before her unfortunate setback. While the specifics of her rumored matchup against Saraya couldn't be verified, insiders confirmed that AEW had attempted to secure Moné's participation through communications with NJPW affiliates.

Moné-Saraya: Rivalry in Waiting

The fascinating aspect of the potential Moné versus Saraya faceoff lies in their shared WWE history. Saraya, formerly known as Paige in WWE, last fought Moné in a match that concluded prematurely due to a significant injury.

This stinger led to Saraya's subsequent hiatus from the WWE ring. Saraya's in-ring return in AEW has reignited fans' anticipation of a possible rematch between these former opponents, but this will remain on hold until Moné recovers.

Interestingly, the report doesn't disclose specific plans AEW might have envisaged for the potential faceoff. Still, Saraya and Moné's WWE history could serve as a foundation for an engaging storyline in the future.

The Resurgence match, where Moné sustained her injury, was against Willow Nightingale, suspected to result in a broken ankle. It marked a significant moment for NJPW, unveiling the NJPW Strong Women's Championship title, reportedly designed with Moné in mind.

However, Moné's injury led to a swift change in plans, leading to Nightingale clinching the title. Reflecting on her victory in a recent interview with Busted Open Radio, Nightingale expressed her admiration for Moné.

She described the surreal experience of watching Moné's main roster debut on Raw, identifying with her as a woman of color from Boston who believed in herself. Nightingale also praised Moné's self-assuredness and determination, significantly influencing her wrestling career.

She hoped for a future confrontation with Moné and intended to win the respect of Moné and NJPW's fanbase.

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