Bryan Danielson's Growing Impact on Tony Khan's AEW Scheduling


Bryan Danielson's Growing Impact on Tony Khan's AEW Scheduling

According to recent reports from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, professional wrestling star Bryan Danielson has been increasingly involved in the creative side of All Elite Wrestling Wrestling (AEW). Danielson, better known as "The American Dragon," has gained prominence behind the scenes, providing valuable input into the AEW's booking strategies.

As an accomplished wrestler himself, Danielson's contributions have been viewed as beneficial to the company. Based on years of experience in the ring, his insights have reportedly been highly influential, especially on AEW's president and CEO, Tony Khan.

When brainstorming together, the dynamic between these two men sparks fresh, creative thinking.

Danielson Elevates AEW Strategizing

Danielson's influence goes beyond simply adding to the conversations around booking decisions.

His engagement with Khan is described as a push for the AEW CEO to sharpen his strategizing further and constantly improve and evolve the promotion's approach. The energy and enthusiasm that Danielson brings to the table are infectious, encouraging Khan to become even more invested in this vital aspect of the business.

A prime example of Danielson's creative influence is the recent episode of "AEW Rampage," aired on June 2. Danielson is credited with shaping the episode's theme into a "Championship Friday" show. His innovative ideas and collaborative approach to the creative process significantly contributed to the overall structure and flow of the episode.

The fact that this particular episode of "AEW Rampage" was widely acclaimed demonstrates Danielson's substantial impact since his involvement with the creative team. His presence and input have proven to be a valuable asset to AEW's booking and creative department, and it's clear that his influence is becoming more significant as time goes on.

In essence, Bryan Danielson has transitioned from a revered professional wrestler to a pivotal creative force within AEW, actively influencing booking decisions and helping to shape the direction of one of the fastest-growing wrestling promotions today.

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