CM Punk's Dream Showdown: AEW x NJPW's Forbidden Door Cracks Open

Long-awaited wrestling clash between two legends inches closer.

by Atia Mukhtar
CM Punk's Dream Showdown: AEW x NJPW's Forbidden Door Cracks Open

CM Punk, the renowned wrestling icon, is on the verge of making his highly anticipated return to the squared circle. With just over a week remaining, fans are excited as the stage is set for Punk's appearance on the inaugural episode of AEW Collision.

In this electrifying event, the Second City Saint will join forces with AEW World Tag Team Champions FTR to face off against an impressive trio consisting of Ring of Honor Television Champion Samoa Joe and Bullet Club Gold members Jay White and Juice Robinson.

Punk's last match occurred at AEW All Out in September, where he emerged victorious against Jon Moxley to claim the AEW World Title, albeit sustaining a triceps injury. While speculation runs rampant regarding his future feuds, this star-studded encounter might lay the groundwork for an unexpected clash.

Fightful Select reports that AEW is diligently working to bring New Japan Pro-Wrestling's KENTA to the highly anticipated AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door event scheduled later this month. In an intriguing twist, CM Punk is reportedly considered KENTA's opponent for this momentous crossover extravaganza.

Punk and KENTA's Fleeting Connection

Punk and KENTA's paths have previously crossed, albeit fleetingly, during their tenures in WWE. Punk abruptly departed from the company after the WWE Royal Rumble on January 26, 2014. Remarkably, the next day, on January 27, 2014, KENTA arrived at the WWE Performance Center for a tryout, ultimately signing with the company in June of that same year.

The connection between these two wrestling luminaries goes beyond their shared history. KENTA is credited with inventing the Go 2 Sleep, a devastating maneuver involving a fireman's carry that culminates in a powerful knee strike to the face.

Punk adopted this move early in his WWE career, retaining the name while subtly altering the numerical representation by replacing "2" with "to." It is conceivable that the forthcoming AEW Collision event will sow the seeds for a future clash between CM Punk and KENTA.

Given KENTA's affiliation with Bullet Club since 2019, which aligns him with Jay White and Juice Robinson, the foundations for an intense rivalry can be laid. As witnessed when KENTA ambushed Moxley during an episode of AEW Dynamite and briefly aligned himself with former Bullet Club leader Kenny Omega, it is not inconceivable that the NJPW Strong Openweight Champion might rekindle his alliance with White and Robinson en route to confronting Punk in a compelling showdown.

With CM Punk's return imminent and the Forbidden Door swinging wide open, the wrestling world eagerly awaits what promises to be a remarkable collision of superstars from different promotions, enthralling fans with dream matches and unforgettable moments.

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