Brit Baker Speaks About Hardcore Wrestling


Brit Baker Speaks About Hardcore Wrestling
Brit Baker Speaks About Hardcore Wrestling

Britt Baker is one of AEW’s top stars. Unlike other popular wrestlers, Britt was part of AEW from day one. She carried the AEW women’s division for a very long time and is used extensively by AEW these days. Before joining AEW, Britt was a popular indie star.

Britt Baker Speaks About Hardcore Matches That She Has Performed In

Britt started her career as a babyface, but she was directionless. She rose to the top of the company after becoming a heel. In fact, she is one of the most popular female heels in the world right now.

Sometimes, Britt receives cheers from the crowd while fighting a babyface, as people genuinely like her. One of her AEW career defining matches was her match with Thunder Rosa. It took place on AEW Dynamite in 2021. It was a Lights Out match, and Britt wore a crimson mask that night to fight.

Since then, that image has become iconic. On WhatCulture, Britt spoke about the people that criticize women’s hardcore matches. Hardcore matches usually had male participants in the past. Women were never considered for anything beyond singles and tag matches for a really long time.

According to Britt, fans of hardcore wrestling should not be concerned about who is competing in the hardcore match. They should just enjoy the match. "I think, at the end of the day, people like what they like and they hate what they hate.

You can't put women in a box and not let them break out of it," Baker said. "If you like hardcore matches, then you should like hardcore matches. It shouldn't matter who's in the ring. If it's a good match, it's a good match. No matter who's on either side of the ring." Britt’s match against Rosa was not her only hardcore match at AEW.

She has since then performed in a few hardcore style matches. The match with Rosa put her on the map though. She fought Rosa again one year later inside of a Steel Cage. That match saw Rosa win the AEW Women’s Title from Britt.

During that match, Britt and Rosa beat each other using tables thumbtacks, ladders and chairs. Britt left the match with her back full of thumbtacks. "They're definitely not fun. It hurts, for a long time too. It does hurt. I wouldn't take back anything I've done, I'm very proud of it," she said. "I'm happy, I'm happy for what it did for AEW, myself, and for women's wrestling."

Britt Baker

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