Injury Sidelines AEW's Trench, Parker Boudreaux

In the wrestling world, unexpected injuries shift alliances and strategies.

by Atia Mukhtar
Injury Sidelines AEW's Trench, Parker Boudreaux

The dynamic AEW duo known as the Mogul Affiliates, Trench and Parker Boudreaux, have been conspicuously missing from recent television broadcasts, raising questions about their absence. Insider source Fightful Select confirmed that the two wrestlers are dealing with injuries.

However, the exact nature of these injuries and the timeline for their return remains undisclosed. Before this unforeseen break from the ring, Trench and Boudreaux were known for their alliance with Swerve Strickland. However, the current state of affairs has compelled Strickland to regroup, collaborating with The Embassy stable, which comprises Brian Cage, Prince Nana, Kaun, and Teo Liona.

This newly formed alliance, known as the Mogul Embassy, leaves questions about whether Trench and Boudreaux will be welcomed back into the fold when they are physically ready to return. Throughout their association, Strickland has not been shy about his aspiration to guide and shape these emerging talents in the wrestling world.

The pressure is intense for Strickland, aka the "Mogul," to transform these talents into formidable opponents, particularly Boudreaux, who has constantly been compared to wrestling titan Brock Lesnar. Whether Strickland can chisel Trench and Boudreaux into AEW's next superstars is a matter of time and patience.

Boudreaux's Last Match, Trench's Awaited Debut

The last time we saw Boudreaux in action was when he and Strickland formed a tag team against Keith Lee and Dustin Rhodes in the March 3rd episode of "AEW Rampage." In contrast, Trench is still awaiting his in-ring debut.

He had reportedly started his training before being halted by the recent injury. Trench's journey to AEW was marked by transitioning from the baseball diamond, where he had a stint with the Tampa Bay Rays, to the wrestling ring.

Boudreaux's road was slightly different; he was previously a notable competitor in "WWE NXT" under Harland's moniker before his release in 2022. As they heal and prepare for their return, fans eagerly anticipate the future trajectory of these promising AEW talents.

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