Sabu Discloses Contact for AEW Appearances


Sabu Discloses Contact for AEW Appearances

Reflecting upon his recent experiences with All Elite Wrestling (AEW), Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) icon Sabu shared fascinating insights during a virtual autograph event hosted by Golden Ring Collectibles. His appearance in AEW was instrumental in escalating the anticipated match between Adam Cole and Chris Jericho at the AEW's Double or Nothing event.

Renowned for his formidable presence, Sabu was given the unique role of an 'enforcer' in AEW. His primary task during the wrestling showdown was to expel the Jericho Appreciation Society from ringside, which he accomplished in a recent bout.

In the week leading up to his inaugural AEW appearance, Sabu recalled being contacted by Chris Jericho himself. Their initial conversation on a Wednesday served as the stepping stone for what would become Sabu's unexpected debut in AEW.

Sabu's First AEW Contact

Sabu recounted, "About a week before the Wednesday when I did the first appearance for AEW, and by Wednesday, the Wednesday before the Wednesday, I did the Dynamite appearance. I think it's Dynamite.

Chris Jericho called me." Following a brief chat, Jericho reached out to Sabu with an intriguing proposition. Sabu remembered the conversation vividly: "Actually, we chatted a little bit, and then he called me back and said, 'Hey, I got an idea.'

I said, 'Okay,' then he called me on the phone and said, 'I got an idea. Adam Cole, me,' boom, boom, boom. This and that, the other thing." Jericho proposed introducing Sabu as a surprise element in the wrestling duel, a suggestion that Sabu was more than keen on accepting.

Sabu says, "He goes, 'We'll bring you out as a surprise if you wanna do it.' I go, 'Yeah.' " With this exciting revelation, Sabu has undoubtedly stirred anticipation among wrestling fans, further solidifying the allure of AEW.

His role as the 'enforcer' and surprise element in the wrestling universe signifies an intriguing turn in AEW's narrative. As we eagerly await future developments, Sabu's unique position in AEW captivates the wrestling world.

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