Dr. Britt Baker Highlights Joys of Being in AEW


Dr. Britt Baker Highlights Joys of Being in AEW

Regardless of whether she's donning championship gold, Dr. Britt Baker has become a prominent symbol of All Elite Wrestling's (AEW) women's division since her debut alongside the nascent wrestling league in 2019. The first four years of AEW have been marked by unexpected turns and thrilling innovations, and through it all, the one-time AEW Women's World Champion has managed to shine.

The allure of the unknown, the thrill of constantly debuting new talent, and the relentless pressure to continually up the game are aspects that the 32-year-old wrestler-turned-dentist finds particularly enthralling about being part of the AEW team.

During a recent conversation with "WhatCulture Wrestling," Baker shared, "I never really knew what to expect, which is why I love it. Every day brings a new surprise and a sense of achievement when you take it one step at a time.

I'm now at a stage where I truly believe in my potential to be the lead star of the women's division. This self-belief fuels my ambition to achieve even more, making it both a blessing and a challenge."

Baker's Versatility

Baker's tenacity is palpable both in and outside the ring.

She has consistently featured in the AEW women's division's headline feuds, regardless of whether she's the reigning champion or competing with other title holders. In addition to her wrestling career, Baker maintains her dentistry practice in Pennsylvania.

She recently played a central role in AEW's backstage reality show, "AEW: All Access," along with her boyfriend, Adam Cole. Reflecting on her journey, she said, "It's certainly been an adventure. There's no manual to prepare for this, but I'm grateful for the chance.

Above all, I believe it helps humanize us as professional wrestlers." Baker's love for AEW is driven by her passion for wrestling, commitment to her profession, and relentless pursuit of excellence, making her one of the stand-out performers in the promotion.

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