AEW Star Triggers Bidding War: Disco Inferno Foresees Fierce Competition


AEW Star Triggers Bidding War: Disco Inferno Foresees Fierce Competition
AEW Star Triggers Bidding War: Disco Inferno Foresees Fierce Competition

MJF, the reigning AEW World Champion, has revealed that his contract with All Elite Wrestling will expire in January 2024, sparking speculation about his future in the professional wrestling industry. The charismatic superstar has boldly proclaimed that a bidding war for his services is inevitable, and his claims have garnered agreement from none other than wrestling veteran Disco Inferno on the recent episode of the "Keepin' It 100" podcast.

WWE's Interest in MJF

Disco Inferno expressed his belief that WWE, known for pursuing top talent, would be keen on acquiring MJF, given his status as AEW's champion, premier talker, and recipient of substantial television exposure.

"By drawing so much attention to his contract situation, he has positioned himself perfectly for a bidding war," Inferno remarked on the podcast. "He is the biggest fish in AEW's pond, the one that WWE would likely want to engage in a promotional war for." While it remains uncertain whether WWE is actively pursuing MJF, the former WCW star is convinced that the company would consider him a priority.

Konnan, a guest on the podcast, acknowledged MJF's undeniable talent but expressed uncertainty regarding WWE's willingness to engage in high-stakes contract negotiations with "The Salt of The Earth." Considering MJF's reported annual salary of over $1 million, prying him away from the flourishing AEW would require a substantial financial offer.

However, MJF has tantalizingly teased the possibility of moving elsewhere, adding fuel to the speculation surrounding his plans. On the other hand, Konnan expressed skepticism about WWE engaging in a bidding war, highlighting AEW's robust business performance even in the absence of MJF.

However, he did acknowledge the appeal of snatching away a top star from a rival promotion, reminiscent of their move when they successfully acquired Cody Rhodes. As the wrestling world eagerly awaits the unfolding drama surrounding MJF's contract negotiations, it is clear that his impending free agency has generated significant interest and discussion among industry insiders.

The anticipation of a potential bidding war for one of AEW's most prominent attractions has undoubtedly added another layer of excitement to the ongoing rivalry between the two major wrestling promotions.

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