Jericho on Brawl with Kenny Omega

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Jericho on Brawl with Kenny Omega

A brawl between Chris Jericho and Omega took place recently. They fought at an event organized by Southern Honor Wrestling event. Jericho spoke about the brawl o his Instagram account. He reminded his fans about the match that is going to take place between Omega and him at Double or Nothing.

He believes it will be the best match of the year. He also made an apology to Sunny Daze for attacking him before Omega came out to save Daze. "So, Kenny Omega & I made a little pit stop at the Southern Honor Wrestling show in Canton, Georgia last night in front of 1,000 CRAZY fans, to remind the world that the biggest match in the entire wrestling biz is only 3 weeks away at the MGM Grand!

Oh, and sorry about that metal chair to your enlarged melon, Sunny Daze." Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega are part of the brand new wrestling promotion, All Elite Wrestling. All Elite Wrestling is financed by billionaire Shahid Khan, who is also the owner of Jacksonville Jaguars.

Since they are backed by a billionaire, they can purchase any wrestler that they want. That is the reason why WWE feels threatened by them. These days, the WWE is trying its best to lock-down its talent because they do not want its wrestlers to end up with AEW. Recently, Goldust joined the AEW.