NJPW Star: Jay White's AEW Move Due to New Japan Struggles

NJPW wrestler challenges AEW's Bullet Club legitimacy and roster.

by Atia Mukhtar
NJPW Star: Jay White's AEW Move Due to New Japan Struggles

In a recent interview, a prominent New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) star, Clark Connors, expressed disapproval of Jay White's decision to leave NJPW and join All Elite Wrestling (AEW). White, who had been a significant figure in the NJPW's Bullet Club stable, departed for AEW earlier this year, drawing mixed reactions from fans and fellow wrestlers.

White's move came after he lost the IWGP World Title to Kazuchika Okada at Wrestle Kingdom 17 in January, and subsequent defeats further dimmed his prospects in NJPW. The wrestling community was abuzz with speculation about his future as a free agent, and both AEW and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) reportedly showed interest in signing him.

Ultimately, White aligned himself with AEW, joining forces with Juice Robinson to form the Bullet Club Gold faction.

NJPW Star Displeased with AEW's Bullet Club Gold

However, Connors, who remains part of the NJPW Bullet Club War Dogs group, voiced his discontent with the AEW incarnation of the Bullet Club.

In a recent appearance on the Squared Circle Podcast, he criticized the group, stating, "The fact that it's called Bullet Club Gold means it's not the original. It's some knockoff of something. I think it's bulls**t. I think it's an offense to what Bullet Club is." Connors also claimed that White and Robinson had left NJPW because they couldn't thrive in the highly competitive environment of Japanese wrestling.

Connors asserted the superiority of NJPW's talent roster: "AEW consistently has the worst wrestlers compared to New Japan Pro Wrestling. New Japan, as much as I don't love the company as it is, we are the best pro wrestlers in the world, and Bullet Club is the top faction in that company." He expressed his desire for a showdown between the NJPW Bullet Club War Dogs and AEW's Bullet Club Gold, emphasizing his confidence in his team's abilities.

Connors' comments followed a controversial victory by Jay White over Ricky Starks on AEW Dynamite, aided by interference from The Gunns, whom Connors referred to as "Ass Kids." While White celebrated his win, Connors dismissed AEW's version of the Bullet Club, insisting that it did not live up to the legacy and prestige of the original faction.

As the wrestling landscape continues to evolve with talent movements and cross-promotional interactions, the rivalry between NJPW and AEW has intensified, with wrestlers like Clark Connors publicly expressing their loyalty to their respective organizations and challenging the legitimacy of their opponents.

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