Kris Statlander Details Regular AEW Presence Despite Injury


Kris Statlander Details Regular AEW Presence Despite Injury
Kris Statlander Details Regular AEW Presence Despite Injury

AEW star Kris Statlander has spent nine months recovering from a devastating ACL injury, taking a hiatus from televised matches. However, as unveiled in the recent "Road to Dynamite" episode, Statlander's backstage presence remained consistent at AEW TV tapings for rehabilitation purposes and to keep her spirit alive in the locker room.

Only a week following her triumphant comeback, where she defeated Jade Cargill for the TBS Championship, Statlander candidly discussed the motivations behind her continued off-camera appearances on "Busted Open Radio." Initially, she had felt like she was an obstruction, but her persistent engagement was instrumental in her overall morale and convalescence.

Statlander's Healing Journey Backstage

Statlander reminisced, "I remember after we got the initial news that it was an ACL tear and I had to take time off, they said... I remember people told me 'If you want to travel, you are welcome to." She elaborated further, "'We love having you around.

You're more than welcome to be here if you need a break from home. I don't want to say I took advantage of that," adding, "because I made it once or twice a month that I would show up." These periodic visits served multiple purposes.

Primarily, they were a heartening reminder to Statlander that she was still an integral part of the AEW family. Secondly, it allowed her to chat with the medical team, providing them an opportunity to track her healing progress.

Her presence also proved beneficial for AEW's narrative; they were able to document her journey of recovery in the episodes of "Road to Dynamite." Seeing her fight against adversity inspired her fellow wrestlers and reinforced her commitment to the sport and her fans.

It's a testament to Statlander's resilience and dedication that even while grappling with a significant setback, she never indeed distanced herself from the world of wrestling.

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