Britt Baker Defends AEW's Hardcore Women's Matches Amidst Criticism

Britt Baker opens up about the physical toll of hardcore matches.

by Noman Rasool
Britt Baker Defends AEW's Hardcore Women's Matches Amidst Criticism

Britt Baker, a prominent figure in the world of professional wrestling and a familiar face in hardcore matches, stands firm in her belief that such intense bouts have a rightful place in the women's division of All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

While facing backlash from fans who question the use of blood in matches, Baker recently shared her perspective in an interview with Simon Miller of WhatCulture. Acknowledging that hardcore wrestling may appeal to some; Baker emphasized that women's matches should be treated equally to those featuring male performers.

She asserted, "If you like hardcore matches, then you should like hardcore matches. It shouldn't matter who's in the ring. If it's a good match, it's a good match, no matter who's on either side of the ring."

Britt Baker on Hardcore Matches

When asked about her enjoyment of competing in hardcore matches, Baker admitted that they are far from enjoyable and often result in enduring pain.

However, she expressed immense pride in what she has accomplished and firmly believes that the physical toll is a worthy sacrifice. Reflecting on the recent controversy surrounding her merchandise release, which depicted her with a black eye following an attack by The Outcasts, Baker defended her decision and expressed surprise at the criticism it garnered.

She stands by the symbolic representation, highlighting its impact on AEW, her journey, and the advancement of women's wrestling. Britt Baker's resilience and willingness to push boundaries have significantly elevated her status to superstardom.

Baker leaves an indelible mark on the wrestling industry from her iconic image of smiling through a face covered in blood during a 2021 Unsanctioned Lights Out Match to her outspoken defense of hardcore matches. As the discussion around hardcore matches in women's wrestling continues, Baker's unwavering support and determination to break barriers testify to female performers' ongoing evolution and empowerment within AEW and beyond.

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